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Welcome to Backsaver located in West Palm Beach. After being involved in an auto accident, it may sometimes take days, weeks, even months for symptoms to manifest completely. For your health and wellness, it’s essential to seek immediate medical attention following a car crash.

For many decades, chiropractic care for auto accidents in West Palm Beach has been shown to be a viable solution for the treatment of whiplash and many other injuries sustained during car accidents. This affordable and non-invasive form of care has been documented by countless research studies to be the most effective treatment for alleviating symptoms of headaches, neck pain, loss of motion, shoulder pain and dizziness.

What Happens During a Car Accident?

Your musculoskeletal system can get out of proper alignment during a car accident because of the force of the collision. As a result, you can have back and neck pain. Additionally, a whiplash injury can happen from the force of a rear-impact accident. Whiplash means there was an abrupt movement of the cervical spine backward and forward. As a result, whiplash can cause misalignment, straining the neck muscles and causing stiffness and pain.

Chiropractic care is a safe and effective treatment option that can treat a variety of auto accident injuries. Spine surgery is not always needed after an auto accident, but until you are evaluated by a spine specialist, like Dr. White, you cannot know for sure. Dr. Christopher White has the experience and qualifications to properly diagnose and treat these types of motor vehicle injuries.

At Backsaver LLC we understand the types of injuries that commonly occur during car accidents, and we have the experience needed to set your back straight again. Dr. White is specifically a chiropractor for car accidents and work related injuries. He knows what to look for when assessing and diagnosing your injuries.


Even car accidents involving speeds as low as 5 mph can provide enough force to cause significant damage. Unfortunately, many minor injuries that occur due to whiplash are often not immediately noticeable. While not noticed right away, these changes often lead to substantial complications later in life.

Therefore, it is important to be aware of some of the symptoms indicating that an injury has occurred. Common symptoms following automobile accidents that indicate damage to the neuromuscular and skeletal system include; headaches, problems with the motion of the head and neck, shoulder pain, neck pain, disturbed sleep, abnormal sensations traveling down the arms, and dizziness.





A law in Florida known as the PIP 14-day rule  might prevent you from making a recovery on your auto accident claim, if not properly followed.  This law requires that any injured victims seek medical attention within the first two weeks following a traffic accident.

Otherwise, you could lose your rights to recover significant medical benefits.

It is important to be seen by a medical examiner within 14 days of an accident. This will ensure that any related injuries, even those that may take hours or days to appear, will be treated and documented in a timely manner.

Consequently, insurance companies know this. Failure to comply, gives your insurer the right to deny any subsequent claims for medical benefits that you might submit in the future.


If you are injured and comply with the 14 day rule, you could be entitled to up to $10,000 in medical and disability benefits to put towards your emergency services, doctors’ visits, tests performed, and rehabilitation costs.  This is the state required minimum, however, it is possible that you may be insured for a larger policy.


Primarily, this rule exists to help insurance companies avoid insurance fraud. It also serves to protect car accident victims who need to seek immediate medical treatment and may not have health insurance (or want to go through their private carrier to do so.)

Encouraging victims to seek prompt and proper medical attention may help their bodies heal faster and lessen any physical damage caused by their car accident.